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Senior Eye Exams

Caring For Your Vision

To support your vision and your eye health, regular eye exams are needed. Even if you don’t think your vision has changed, or you aren’t experiencing any issues, exams are still important. During an eye exam, we can detect issues before they become severe and damage your eyes. 

It’s recommended that adults from ages 18–64 have an eye exam at least every 2 years. For those ages 65 or older, annual exams are recommended

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Why Are Eye Exams Important?

No matter your age, eye exams are one of the best ways to ensure your eyes are healthy. Since many eye diseases can go unnoticed, regular eye exams are crucial. If we detect any issues during your exam, we’ll provide treatment recommendations.  

Your eye exam is your opportunity to bring forward any vision issues you have. Before and throughout your exam, we encourage you to ask any questions you have. 

During your exam, we’ll often check the following:

Common Eye Diseases

Eye diseases can often be undetected until they cause serious damage to your eyes. In most cases, an eye exam is the only way to identify these issues early. If caught early, treatment options can be more effective.

The following eye diseases are just a few that we’ll test for during your exam:

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