How to Treat Dry Eyes

At StylEyes, we see a number of our patients that suffer from dry eyes that are desperate for some way to fix the condition and get some relief from the persistent discomfort they are feeling. Fortunately, dry eyes are a very treatable condition. You should not have to go through that discomfort, feeling like you do not have a choice.


The Causes of Dry Eyes

There are a variety of different reasons that people can experience dry eyes. The basic reason that you have dry eyes is that the natural lubrication that your eyes produced is not adequate to lubricate your eyes under the current circumstance. There are a few different reasons that this can occur.

  • Nature – Sometimes, Mother Nature can be cruel. High winds, dry air, or excessive heat can all be a cause that your eyes dry out prematurely. In this case, your eyes may be functioning perfectly well, but they just cannot keep up with the environment. If this is the case, then using temporary fixes, such as lubricating eye drops can be a great solution to help you get relief. However, these eye drops are designed to be temporary. If your body has not acclimatized over the course of a few days, call StylEyes to schedule an appointment and see how we can help.
  • Allergies – Allergies can often affect how well our eyes can be lubricated. Fortunately, allergy medications and the use of lubricating eye drops can often help to alleviate the condition. For those of our patients who have allergies, make sure to discuss some additional options at your next appointment. In addition, remember that artificial tears are only designed to be temporary. If your condition lasts more than a few days, call to make sure there is not another underlying cause of your dry eye.
  • Eye Function – Sometimes, your eyes just do not function properly. A blockage in the meibomian glands can reduce the effectiveness of the tears that your eyes are producing. These issues often require the help of a professional to remove the blockage or diagnosis of the proper underlying condition.



At StylEyes we use the latest technologies to help us diagnose your eye conditions and help get you the relief you deserve. When you come into our office with dry eyes, we will conduct a comprehensive eye exam and run a series of tests to determine the issue. The exam and the tests are straightforward and do not cause you any discomfort. We always make sure to let our patients know exactly what we are looking for as we conduct tests so that you can be more informed about the outcome.


Once we have reached a proper diagnosis, we can also work up a treatment plan with you. In order to give you the best treatment plan, we want you to work with us. This helps to ensure that you not only know what is going on but that you feel like the treatment options will work for you.



In some cases, we may determine that your situation is entirely dependent on the surrounding environment and that your eyes are otherwise healthy. This does not mean that you need to suffer from dry eyes. Our expertise can help give you some tips and pointers to successfully navigate your daily routine without having to suffer.


If there is an issue with your eyes, there are a number of different approaches that we can take. There are several different medications on the market that can help treat the underlying conditions that cause dry eye. We may also suggest that you go through a special procedure to help unblock certain glands, or that we use light therapy to help break up any blockages.



If you are suffering from the symptoms of dry eyes for more than a few days, or you know that you have chronic dry eye, call StylEyes today to schedule an appointment. We can help you feel relief sooner!