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If you want clear vision without the look of glasses, contacts are an excellent option. Whether you choose to wear them daily or for special occasions, the flexibility contacts offer can be appealing.

Having contacts fitted isn’t as simple as transferring your regular lens prescription to a pair of contacts. But, getting the right lenses doesn’t have to be hard. At StylEyes, we offer specialized contact lens examinations to make sure your contacts fit you comfortably and keep your eyes healthy. 

Our team strives to find the best solution for your sight. Visit StylEyes for a contact lens consultation—your vision is in good hands!

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How Is A Contact Lens Eye Exam Different?

A thorough eye exam tells us plenty about your eye health, but a contact lens exam focuses on specific aspects of your eye. All the regular tests are run, but you can expect some extra attention to the surface of your eye. After all, a contact lens sits directly on the cornea, so it needs to be healthy to comfortably support the lenses.

The cornea is measured through corneal topography. This technology allows us to take a photo that essentially renders a 3D map of the eye’s surface, so we can determine if contacts will be a comfortable visual corrective aid for you.

We also need to evaluate your tear film. Since tears on the eye’s surface support the contact lens, a good candidate for contacts should have a robust, healthy tear film. Dry eyes can make wearing contacts difficult, but special contact options allow people with dry eyes to wear contacts comfortably.

Understanding Your Contact Lens Prescription & Measurements

Contact Lens Fittings

Once we’ve finished your contact lens exam, we’ll pick out the best contact lens option for you. We can guide you through inserting them, then we may have you stay at the clinic with the contacts in for about half an hour.

If the contacts chosen seem comfortable, we’ll send you home with your contact lens order. Be sure to come back for a follow-up appointment so we can make sure these contacts are a good fit for you in the long run.

We’ll give you tips for proper contact lens care and hygiene—keeping those contact clean helps keep your eyes healthy! Make sure you follow all contact care directions and use the contacts for the proper amount of time allotted.

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We pride ourselves on finding a comfortable contact fit for as many patients as possible. Along with our regular contact lenses, we offer specialty lenses for those with harder-to-fit eyes. Visit us to discuss your contact lens options.

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