Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

If you have dry eyes, live in the West Des Moines, IA, area, and are looking for an eye doctor who can help you with contact lenses, StylEyes is here for your eye health needs. A lot of people think that they can't wear contacts if they have dry eye, but that's not true. Most people can wear contact lenses even if they have dry eyes, but they may need some additional eye care for comfort. Working with an optometrist is the best choice to determine which lenses will be right for you.

Contact Lenses for Dry Eyes

Daily Soft Contact Lenses

The soft contact lenses that are worn once and disposed of on a daily basis can be a good choice for a lot of people who have dry eye symptoms. These lenses are typically light and have a high water content. They're soft and flexible, and they don't block moisture or tear production from getting to all parts of the eye for lubrication. Because they're tossed after only one wear, they also don't build up any residue, so they're always fresh and clean, for good eye health.

Scleral and RGP Lenses

Some people don't do well with high water content lenses when they have dry eye, and it actually makes their symptoms worse. Additionally, there are people who struggle with anything resting on their cornea, as that can contribute to dryness in the eyes, as well. If you fall into either one of those categories, scleral lenses that bypass the cornea, or rigid gas-permeable (RGP) lenses that have a low water content can be a better choice for your eye care needs.

Working with Our Optometrist

The field of optometry has come a long way, and that's true for dry eye care, as well. If you're not sure what kinds of lenses might work best for you, but you want to give them a try, our eye doctor can help you find what works. We can make a recommendation for the type of lenses they suggest, and you can also try other types if the first kind don't give you enough comfort throughout the day.

See an Eye Doctor Today

If you need optometry guidance when it comes to contact lenses for dry eye, and you're in the West Des Moines, IA, area, get in touch with us at StylEyes today. We understand that wearing contact lenses can be easier then eyeglasses in many ways, and some people just really like the look and feel of not needing glasses, as well. You don't have to let your dry eyes stop you from wearing contact lenses, when you come to us for quality eye care.

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