IPL Laser Therapy

StylEyes is a full-service optometry clinic with the latest tools and treatments to help you maintain your vision and treat developing or ongoing conditions. Finding a reputable eye doctor is the best way to provide the proper care for your eyes. We proudly offer treatments such as IPL laser therapy and many other services in and around West Des Moines, IA. 


IPL laser therapy produces more noticeable results for our patients. You can schedule a consultation and exam to determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure. Our doctor can provide insight and suggestions. You can get the treatments at our clinic if laser therapy is recommended.


During IPL therapy for eye conditions, a special protective shield or eye goggles are placed over the eyes to protect them from the intense light. The IPL device emits flashes of light that penetrate the skin and are absorbed by the targeted tissue, specifically the meibomian glands. This gentle heating helps open and clear blocked glands, allowing them to resume normal oil production. Use this treatment with routine eye care services to get your desired functionality and appearance.

Dry Eye Treatment

Dry eye syndrome can result from various factors, including meibomian gland dysfunction. By improving the function of these glands through IPL therapy, tear film stability can be enhanced, reducing dry eye symptoms.

This laser therapy for dry eye relief is ideal for many individuals and can provide better options than conventional eye drops or medicines. Dry eye treatment has advanced considerably over the last several years, and we are proud to offer advanced therapies to residents of West Des Moines, IA.

Post IPL Laser Therapy

You may also require or request additional treatments and services with IPL laser therapy. Take the time to discuss your options with our optometrist, and we can provide you with an eye care plan that works for your specific needs.

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