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Not all eyeglasses lenses are created equal. 

Your eyes deserve lenses that will provide clear, crisp vision. But, there’s a lot more that goes into quality lenses beyond your clear vision.

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Lenses You Can Trust

Your lenses shouldn’t weigh down on your face, and they shouldn’t impact your ability to see. Many lenses these days come with enhanced features like anti-fog, anti-glare, blue light protection, scratch protection, and more.

That’s why StylEyes has curated only a handful of exceptional lenses. We have specifically chosen these lens brands to ensure you receive the highest quality available.


Recognized as a world leader in cutting-edge technology, Shamir offers a wide variety of lenses for single-vision and progressive lens wearers.

The company’s AI technologies have allowed them to study exactly how a wearer utilizes their lenses, where their eyes are gazing, and what areas of focus are most important.

Offering everyday lenses, work/computer lenses, and play lenses (for sport, fashion, and golf), Shamir provides blue light protection, transition lenses, anti-fog, plus other features and their Reduce, Resist, Repel technology:


  • Low Reflection Finish appearance that dramatically reduces cosmetic glare
  • Reduces coloration to provide an added cosmetic benefit of the glasses


  • Improved scratch resistance to protect the lenses and provide greater durability and longevity
  • Enhanced anti-static properties to repel dirt and dust
  • Helps eliminate smears and smudges


  • Developed with oleophobic and hydrophobic properties to enhance your visual acuity
  • Lenses are easy and effortless to clean
  • Repels dirt, dust, and water, stays clean


Providing innovative lens technology for clarity, protection, and vision, Essilor offers lenses for an extensive list of needs:

  • Lenses for seeing near and far
  • Lenses for outdoor activities
  • Lenses that adapt to variable lighting conditions>
  • Anti-fog lenses
  • Polycarbonate & hi-index lenses
  • Children’s lenses
  • Lenses that protect against glare, scratches, & smudges
  • Lenses that protect against blue light
  • Lenses that protect against UV
  • Lenses that protect against digital eye strain


In the eyewear industry since 1846, Zeiss has made leaps and bounds in eyewear lens technologies. Their wide range of products are tried and tested, and continue to be of the highest quality possible.

Some of Zeiss lens offerings include:

  • Single-vision lenses used for single-power distance vision or reading
  • Progressive lenses for presbyopes to provide clear vision at all distances
  • Office lenses for relaxed and clear vision at the computer and near to intermediate distances
  • Myopia management lenses specifically designed for children, providing them with a comprehensive management spectacle lens portfolio
  • Digital lenses to help protect eyes from light emitted by mobile digital devices
  • DriveSafe lenses to enhance vision for driving in adverse weather and light conditions like rain, snow, or fog, and driving at night.
  • EnergizeMe Eyeglass Lenses—specifically designed to refresh the eyes after wearing contact lenses

Safety & Sports Lenses

We offer sturdy, protective lenses for sports and safety—including ski, swim, and safety goggles—so your eyes stay protected while you stay active.

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