Adjust Your Vision With Neurolens

In an increasingly digital world, many of us are feeling the effects of digital eye strain. Neurolens offers an innovative solution to combat eye strain, neck and shoulder pain, and headaches.  

StylEyes is excited to offer our patients the opportunity to try these incredible lenses for themselves. Come see how neurolens can provide relief.

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What Do Neurolenses Do?

Neurolenses are designed with a contoured prism to correct eye misalignment and make vision more comfortable. One case study showed that over 90 days, a neurolens user who suffered from chronic headaches experienced a reduction in those headaches and was less reliant on medication.

First, a measurement device is used to detect any misalignment in the eyes. Then lenses are custom designed to set the contoured prism in the right spot to aid your vision. The lenses can then be set into frames of your choice. You may need a bit of time for adjustment with the new lenses.

See If Neurolenses Can Work For You

If you’ve been experiencing headaches, neck pain, and tired eyes, neurolens may provide relief.

Visit your doctor at StylEyes for an eye exam and discover if neurolens is right for you.

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