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Sports Vision

Sports Vision Care

Sports vision is a specific optometric approach to monitoring and enhancing an athlete's vision. A highly skilled optometrist administers this specific type of vision enhancement to make a notable difference in an athlete's performance. This particular type of therapy uses a variety of exercises and tools to get the desired results.

Using this type of approach to vision enhancement can prove highly beneficial for athletes across many different sports. Most athletes depend heavily on their vision to quickly assess specific conditions and act on them accordingly. In most instances, athletes rely on their vision to execute precise movements, with a focus on timing and coordination. Strengthening these areas of vision capability is an essential practice for many top athletes.

Is Sports Vision Right for You?

If you are a competitive athlete, sports vision training may be a good choice for you. If you feel you could benefit from this therapy, schedule a consultation with your optometrist and ophthalmologist.

During this consultation, you'll undergo a complete physical examination where the eye doctor will collect vital information from you about your particular sport of interest and what role your vision plays in the specific activities you engage in.

If your eye doctor decides to provide this type of eye training and therapy, a specialized approach that focuses on areas that need attention will be created for you. This plan will eventually allow you to strengthen those areas and learn how to use your vision capabilities to improve your overall sports performance.

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